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  • Fuzzy Brush Capsules

  • Stay fresh pack of 3

  • Stay fresh pack of 10

NEW! Stay fresh, compact, resealable pack – Ideal for travelling, keep them in the car, in your bag… It usually takes practice with 2-3 brushes before you get used to chewing the brush and it’s a bit strange at first, but with practice… we promise… Fuzzy Brush really works!

Size 10cm x 10cm

  • Crystal Bubbleyum

  • Crystal Coolmint

Fuzzy Rock is made from the Xylitol crystals that coat Fuzzy Brush and they taste great! They are refreshing, actually keep your teeth clean and highly beneficial for your oral health, unlike other sugary sweets (see www.fuzzyrocks.com). Each pack contains only 96 calories and are a great sweet alternative for kids! They are also suitable for diabetics, vegetarians and vegans. Try them… and you’ll be buying more!

Size 12cm x 13cm